Fellowship of Reconciliation

57th Pacific Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference

Thursday – Sunday

July 2 - July 5, 2015


Welcome to the FOR 2015 Seabeck Conference


at Seabeck 2015

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Program for Children
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Further Information

Western Washington FOR:
phone: 206-789-5565 
email:  [email protected]
website:  www.for.org 

Oregon FOR: Janet Hawkins 
phone: 503-453-2903 
email:  [email protected] 
website: www.ofor.org

Conference Registrar:
Louise Lansberry
or [email protected]



Conference Schedule

Thursday  (07/02):

4:00       Registration (till 9:45)
6:00       Continuous Soup and Salad Bar
7:00       Drop by and Meet Children’s    
                  Program Leaders

8:00       Welcome, Orientation
9:00       Youth Group Meet and Plan
              Ad Hoc Groups and Social Time

Friday (07/03):

7:00      Nature Walk and Meditation
8:00      Breakfast
9:00      Sing-Along and Announcements

9:45      Keynote 1
11:15    Introduce Workshop Leaders
                 Sign Up for Workshops

12:00    Lunch
1:00      Workshop I
2:45      Break
3:00      Workshop II
4:45      Break
5:00      WA and OR Regional Meetings
6:15      Dinner
7:15      Ad Hoc Groups and Social Time

Saturday (07/04):  

7:00       Nature Walk and Meditation
8:00       Breakfast
9:00       Sing-Along and Announcements
9:45       Keynote 2
11:00     National Meeting, Reports,
                  and Discussion

12:15     Lunch
1:15      Workshop III
3:00      Break
3:15      Remembrances
4:30      Interfaith Gathering
5:45      Carpool to Salmon Bake
6:00      Salmon Bake at the Beach
7:15      Talent Show

Sunday (07/05):

7:00      Nature Walk and Meditation
8:00      Breakfast
9:00      Pack Up and Clean Up
9:15      Activist Fair
11:15    Break
11:30    Closing Circle
12:00    Lunch
1:00      Leave Seabeck
1:30      Post-Conference Event?



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What is new this year:

There will be NO SILENT AUCTION this year and the live/oral auction will be different.

An Activist Fair replaces the Sunday Workshop session.  

Sunday Morning Activist Fair: A Quasi Open Space Session

This is a session for us to share information, express opinions, accomplish quick actions, and plan actions that will occur after the conference.  Attendees of all ages are invited to participate.  Let's use this opportunity to strengthen the links between us and between the issues we care about.

  • Some issue you'd like to tell others about?  Perhaps it hasn't been included in any workshops.  Set up a table with informative literature and invite all to hear about it.  Why is it important and how does it relate to other issues?
  • Want to share opinions about some activist issue?  Set up with some chairs and invite others to sit and discuss.
  • Bring out our creative writing side with an invitation to write haiku?  Need a respite from the heavy issues?  Make a circle for shared story telling, each person offers a single word (bonus points for activist themes!).  Or lead some other fun activity .
  • Or is your way of expression nonverbal?  Set up an art booth, or lead a dance or exercise.
  • Have an instant action?  Take some table space for letters, postcards, petitions, or other good work.
  • Want to build on the ideas of a workshop or talk or video shown earlier in the conference?  Brainstorm ideas and exchange contact info for post-conference continuations.
  • Or just come and circulate, discuss, read, write, dance, and whatever else you want to do.  Collect literature, ideas, and inspiration;  take some instant actions or plan for the future.

How is this going to work?  You can sign up in advance for table space by sending a description of your activity;  email the coordinator via [email protected] or leave a message at 206-789-5565;  you can also sign up during the conference.  We will try to accommodate everyone who wants space, but it will be first-come, first-served!